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Sri Lanka being a country based on agriculture Land is very important and valuable to its citizens. Property and Home ownership is normally the biggest expenditure the average person will make in a lifetime. Do not engage just anyone for your survey. Under the prevailing law a Registered Licensed Surveyor who has renewed his practicing licence for the current year is the only person to provide an authorized private survey to prove the dimensions and correct location of your property. The Registered Licensed Surveyor will define the boundaries and provide a certified survey plan of the property without any un reasonable delay.

If you engage any other person who is not a Registered Licensed Surveyor and who has not renewed his practising licence for the current year, then the survey you have got done has no legal validity. In case of a boundary dispute the survey plan you have got has no legal status.

If you have any further enquires or wish to check on the status of the person undertaking your survey please check the List of Registered Licensed Surveyors. To make it easy for you to select a Registered Licensed Surveyor from a particular locality the List of Registered Licensed Surveyors is given according to the district they reside.

The Land Survey Council has issued a set of guide lines in the form of a Technical Manual for the surveyors to use when they are advising you. It is better for surveyors to request you to sign an agreement before commencing on your project. The use of these agreements, substantially assist both you and your surveyor setting out the scope of your project.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of your surveyor please go to the Complaints page which out-lines how to make a complaint.