Land Survey Council


With the goal of strengthening the professional environment focusing on quality professional surveying services in a competitive global marketplace, I am very pleased to inform that the Land Survey Council (LSC) was able to function successfully during the year 2023.

Register the Surveyors, Issue of an Annual Practicing License to registered Surveyors, give the information of registered Surveyors to the general public, maintain the professional discipline among registered surveyors, examine the complaints of general public against registered surveyors, Conduct Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes to registered Surveyors and coordination with other relevant organizations are the main activities carried out by LSC according to the Survey Act no: 17 of 2002.

LSC has issued annual licenses to 1070 registered surveyors during the year 2023. Moreover, 80 inquiries were conducted and finalized by LSC on the complaints of general public against registered surveyors during the year 2023.

LSC made the keen interest in maintaining the professional discipline among the Registered Surveyors and their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) by conducting 09 CPD programs with the participation and approval of LSC for Registered Licensed Surveyors during the year 2023.

Enthusiasm displayed by Registered Licensed Surveyors to follow the CPD courses was remarkable.

LSC has taken a keen interest in registering of new graduates. Several discussion were held during year 2022 & 2023 with the relevant parties to develop a mechanism for this process. We hope to finalize this during 2024.

I would like to thank the members of LSC, Actg. Secretary, Accountant (part time) and the staff of LSC for their unstinted support rendered during the period under review for the smooth running of LSC.