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Land Survey Council

The Land Survey Council of Sri Lanka is constituted under section 27 of the Survey Act No. 17 of 2002. This Act is established by repealing The Land Survey Ordinance (Chapter 458) and The Surveyors Ordinance (Chapter 108). The Council comprises of the Surveyor General as ex-officio Chairman, the Additional Surveyor General as ex-officio Vice Chairman, the director ISM ex-officio Member, three Registered Surveyors nominated by the Surveyors Institute of Sri Lanka incorporated by the incorporation Act No.22 of 1982 and one academic nominated by the University Grants Commission.


To ensure the optimal sustainable utilization of our physical natural resources for national development by maintaining the integrity of the regulatory framework for Land Surveying thereby strengthening the professional environment focusing on quality professional surveying services in a competitive global marketplace.


To ensure that the Profession of Surveying and its practices are well regulated and that those entering the profession receive education and training commensurate with the modern technological demands and ethical standards expected of the profession, so that practitioners maintain the highest standards of professional conduct.

Annual Reports

The Council is required under section 53 of the Survey Act No. 17 of 2002 to submit an annual Report of the work done during the previous year up to 31st December to the Hon. Minister in charge of the subject of Land to be tabled in the parliment.

Council Members

The membership of the Board

ChairmanMrs. A.L.S.C. Perera Surveyor General (ex-officio)
Vice Chairman Mr. T.M.H.S.B. Tennakoon Addl. Surveyor General (ex-officio)
Member Mr. N.J. Wijenayake Director-Institute of Surveying and Mapping, Diyatalawa (ex-officio)
Member Prof. N.K. Wickramarachchi Nominee of the University Grants Commission
Member Mr. N.A. Gunawardena Nominee of the Surveyors Institute of Sri Lanka
Member Mr. K.A.K.L. Edirisinghe Nominee of the Surveyors Institute of Sri Lanka
Member Mr. J.M. Wijewardana Nominee of the Surveyors Institute of Sri Lanka

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Telephone Fax Mobile
LSC Office011-2504286011-2504286
ChairmanA.L.S.C. Perera 011-2368569011-2369343071-1597352
Vice ChairmanT.M.H.S.B. Tennakoon 011-2508038011-2508038071-4514330
MemberN.J. Wijenayake057-2229315057-2229004071-8136170
Member N.K. Wickramarachchi011-2650184 011-2651786071-6060847
Member N.A. Gunawardena 011-2841478071-4782284
Member K.A.K.L. Edirisinghe 045-2274191077-7569191
MemberJ.M. Wijewardana033-2221991077-7066424